Gordon Atkins
  1. When Destinies Collide
    For centuries, a dark power has lain dormant, its legacy scattered across the lands. Now discovered, its very existence will pit two kingdoms against each other in a desperate fight for survival.
  2. If You Dance With The Devil
    Book 2 - In Development Set 21 years later. Driniri is in turmoil. The economy is creaking at the seams, and the hard working people in the east of the country, feel they have been ignored long enough.
  3. Untitled
    Book 3 Set between the first two books timelines. This story will centre around Juvich's journey across the northern seas, in his quest to discover the origin of the Sab'abra Tablet.
When Destinies Collide
Fantasy with a pinch of mystery
The shred of parchment Richard Bymoor holds in his hands is tattered, worn, and centuries old. Such a little thing—but the thirty-four-year-old king of Driniri senses it has the potential to devastate kingdoms, especially when neighboring Raimar risks war by attempting to steal the relic.
Forced to confer with his estranged brother Markus, Richard and his trusted mentor William Coleburn discover the parchment piece is one of ten tied to an ancient power that could lay waste to Driniri. Raimar seeks this power—and is preparing for war.
Outmanned, Richard and Markus decide on a desperate course of action. While the Driniri army runs interference, a small strike force led by the brothers braves the unknown lands, flanking the Raimar forces in an attempt to assassinate the Raimar leader, Lord Gamil.
But something is lurking in the unknown lands, a force that could bring a swift end to the brothers’ quest. And even if they make their way to Gamil, the Raimar leader is heavily defended. To succeed, Richard and Markus must accomplish the impossible—or Driniri falls.
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Atkins offers a cast of likable characters, led by the endearing Richard and the mysterious Markus. The plot tension builds nicely with every corpse and eerily abandoned dwelling leading to a gratifying standoff between his two heroes and their sinister prey.” – Kirkus Reviews
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